The Bitcoin Course () rises and rises and the rally does not seem to be taking an end. Cryptocurrencies have been gaining importance for several years now. The boom of the last few years has made this type of currency very well known. Many use this currency in the meantime for all possible payments on the Internet.

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Does it have fair software? Normally, the answer can be found on the Bitcoin Casino website. There are pages of the different Bitcoin casinos, where it is difficult to check if they are demonstrably fair. If this is the case, then it is best to choose a different provider. True, demonstrably fair casinos will never avoid putting everything open to you through their system.

First of all, the so-called cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, are only available in virtual space, so they are an online currency. Although you can exchange bitcoins in any other currency, you have to note that the exchange rate is subject to extremely strong fluctuations.

In pure Bitcoin casinos, all money values, from the online casino bonus over your own credit, to the inserts and win at the slot machines are only indicated in the cryptocurrency. Especially when we, as players, venture into the world of Bitcoin casinos for the first time, the exact value of the offered casino bonuses should be converted into their own national currency. As a result, we get a feeling for the actual value of the bitcoins.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, "Bitcoin casinos" generally also support regular payment methods that you may have already met and used in classic online casinos. However, there are also casinos that work exclusively with cryptocurrencies, with no other payment methods supported.

The fact that you do not immediately have your money on your Bitcoin wallet is the time when it comes to the internet casinos ' processing times. Another point is the proof of identity for protection against money laundering, which the authorities demand from the providers. To do this, a copy of the ID card must be sent to the casino by mail. Still, this control mechanism, it acts on Bitcoin compared to other accepted payment methods, is a very secure and anonymous option for payments in online casinos.

New systems with some shadow pages

Aside from these advantages, there are also some reasons why you should be careful while playing on Bitcoin pages. While most players experience first-class experience, one should be aware of the risks of this new currency.

Step 5-Go to your online casino account, where you should see your paid amount.

To make your choice a little easier, we'll check out which casinos are serious in our BTC Online Casino test, and where a black sheep is lurking. We have all tested the casinos listed above on this site and we can therefore recommend it. For more information, see the Bitcoin Casino Test you can reach with one click.

The principle is very easy to understand. The individual providers go through particularly high welcome bonuses on customer reception. They offer an increase in the initial payment of an amount by a pre-determined and known percentage. Let's get out of a 100 percent deposit bonus and a first deposit of 4 bitcoins. In such a case, the player has 8 Bitcoins on his account immediately after the payment of his deposit, with which he can immediately go to various poker tables, roulette tables and slotmachines. However, please note the conditions and regulations that accompany the bonus offers. These usually mean that the total amount paid plus the bonus has to be converted by a certain value. Prior to this, the player may not apply for payment and be made. The amounts which have to be implemented are not seldom significantly higher than the three times. You should therefore consider carefully whether you would like to accept such a bonus offer.

Bitcoin is a very safe and cost-effective way to make payments. You can make and receive payments via the Bitcoin network with almost no fees. Above all, the payments are also very fast: Bitcoins can be transferred from Africa to Canada in 10 minutes. So Bitcoin Online Casinos are available everywhere, test follows.

Security also gives the customers here the license from Curacao, which is at a similar level as the EU licence from Malta. Customer support is also strong, as it offers a live chat around the clock. This means that all questions can be solved within a few minutes.

The key cornerstone of the new financial instrument is decentralisation, where no institution or government has control over transactions and assets. At the same time, there is a technical limit on the maximum number of bitcoins (21 million) of issued bitcoins, which is intended to prevent future inflation. The smallest possible unit is the so-called Satoshi, 100 million Satoshi surrender a Bitcoin.

Conclusion: All Bitcoin benefits at a glance

BTC offers a whole range of interesting advantages as a means of payment. That would be the very reliable anonymity of the payment flows. This means that users can benefit from price fluctuations in a smart way.

Through the Coins, however, the user gets a certain invisibility, since there are no transactions from banks to the platform and the wallet address is only known to the user and no personal data can be derived from the key.

Increase of payment methods and crypto casinos The online casino industry is constantly evolving, just like the cryptoworld. Every day, fantastic slots appear, with which you can really win a lot of money. In addition, there are a variety of payment methods with which you can finance your online casino and crypto adventures. In recent years, the increase in payment methods for cryptocurrencies has led to an increase in the number of crypto-Casinos. Just good news!

When it comes to slot machines in a Bitcoin casino, the main focus is mostly on big and bold 5-reel video slots. Microgaming, NetEnt and BetSoft are perhaps the most well-known of the software studios in the Bitcoin casinos and create the most and highest quality video slots. Their 3D slots are usually aimed at different characters and have a strong narrative aspect to gameplay.

Is gambling with bitcoins really legal?

Each legal system has different laws, which is why this website does not make any legal recommendations. Bitcoin is relatively new. Since it is not an official currency, gambling with Bitcoins can be compared with gambling with any other virtual currency-for example, the money is part of World of Warcraft. Moreover, due to the highly anonymous nature of gambling with cryptocurrency, legality should not pose a problem-even if it were classified as illegal, players could be hard-caught.

For beginners, blackjack is often the best game at the beginning, as it offers good chances of winning and is straightforward. The goal is simple-beat the dealer's total without exceeding 21.

Bitcoin payments are maximally backed up with the so-called blockchain. Since each transaction is provided with reference information that identifies your record by the previous and subsequent transactions, the functional principle is practically forgery-proof. In addition, Bitcoin payments expire anonymously. This is a great advantage especially in the case of internetwork payments.