In addition to many mathematical roulette systems, there is also a physical one: the wheel material. How this works and if you can learn it, you will learn here.

This is especially true for the game Roulette. While certain roulette systems can be applied under very specific conditions, most systems do not survive this game in the long run.

The old man in the blue jacket seems uneasy. Nervously, he moves a small mountain of jetons between the fingers of the right hand, while he supports his head with the opened left hand. "Doc" call regular guests and staff of the casino at the Deutsch-Französischen Garten in Saarbrücken the 79-year-old Miroljub Kastratovic, a doctor of dentists born in Serbia. Several times in the week he travels from the Main-Kinzig-Kreis with driver to Saarbrücken. For two, maybe three hours in the late afternoon, "Doc" then sits on his regular square at the roulette table. The chair right next to a croupier, who throws the ball and turns the roulette wheel, is reserved for him. The US Serb from Hesse enjoys privileges. This is where he knows managing directors, Saalchefs, Croupiers and the service staff.

However, no one can completely rule out that there is a functioning strategy. She would then, however, make a comprehensive employment with the roulette game necessary. This also includes testing the strategy sufficiently "dry". Another possibility is the use of irregularities in the wheel, which could then no longer generate a complete accident. However, finding such a table would require a great deal of time and a computer-aided analysis. The few approaches that make lasting success come into tangible proximity are only playable with great effort. Not only do they require a great deal of background knowledge, they are also characterized by extremely rare missions. That's why they are not suitable if players want to play roulette for fun.

Slowly turning wheels are particularly popular, which make it easier for the professional players to watch the wheels and thus make the calculations easier.

The bet is not set to a very specific number-this would be a rather risky game even for experienced Kesselgucken. Instead, it is about estimating in which section of the wheel the bullet will land. Thus, it is necessary for Kesselgucken to set a certain number of numbers.

Other players are also eager to see why the game banks and online casinos today also regularly store the results of each roulette round. These data, which are mentioned in the technical jargon permanence, first sound after a nice service for us players to see the last results. but, of course, the casinos are primarily concerned with ensuring that there is the same probability for every number. Nowadays, the production of roulette tables is absolute precision work, and even after thousands of rounds, neither wear and tear nor irregular distributions of the results are to be shown.

Technical aids

In 2004, a group of gameplay professionals, equipped with small hidden microcomputers and laser scanners, managed to analyze tables in some game banks. In this case, some weak points could be detected. With this knowledge, up to 1.3 million pounds sterling is supposed to have been won. Even if the players were identified, there was no charge. In Europe, the use of such aids is usually only a violation of the house rules and can be punished with a house ban. However, it is different in some casinos in the US, such as Nevada. Here, the use of all tools is a serious crime, punishable by high penalties. In the case of the London Trick fraudsters, Scotland Yard identified, but the 1.3 million profit was allowed to keep the trio.

The Labouchère strategy helps you to play Roulette disciplined, both in the land-based casino and in the online casino. It can thus be evaluated as an advantageous strategy, even if, of course, nothing changes at the house advantage of the gambling provider by this playing method. In addition, in our opinion, Labouchère offers a little more entertainment and interactivity than Martingale and Paroli.

Those who make their profits public are also risking to be approached more frequently by needy people. So it makes more sense to share his joy about success only with his closest friends and family.

Many assumptions Wilhelm Ernsts are theoretically correct. However, the grid strategy still has some gaps and weaknesses. For example, the zero is not taken into account. In addition, the system does not provide a solution for how to identify in good time which is the currently preferred payment group. Some game runs are needed to detect the current trend. Until then, you may have already played a lot of money.

Essential for the success of a roulette player is, of course, that he not only knows the game, his rules and the mathematics behind it, but can also make use of it.

This bet is used until you lose the first time. Then the insert is increased by a base insert.

By winning your bet of 4€ you have received 4€. So you are now at 2€ loss. The next round will now reduce your bet from € 4€ to € 3€. Win now, so you have again won € 3€ and are thus in total at a profit of € 1m (you were finally € -2 and then have won € 3€).

Slow wheel: A wheel that slowly rotates is easier to predict and gives the player more time to make a safe forecast.

The law of small numbers

Mathematically, all numbers are equal over time. They then fall as often as they are statistically expected. So for a single number this would be 1/37, for a simple chance 18/37. This means that in each rotation (37 individual coups) the number falls exactly once. However, anyone who now assumes that a number that has not been hit for a long time will soon have to fall, is wrong. In fact, it is very rarely the case that all numbers are hit within a rotation. The probability of this lies only in the case of 1,3-10 ^ -15.

For example, if you are playing on a roulette table and standing in the second row, it is usually better to ask someone to make the bet for you, which is closer to the table. It goes without saying that you should be very specific here and also send a thank you to the person. On the other hand, if you only look at it and notice that someone from the second row would like to participate in the game, you will be out of place.

The same idea can be implemented if you rely on red and the middle column with more black numbers.

Some players try to increase their chances of winning by occupying multiple chances. The game is particularly popular with two dozen. The probability that one of the chances falls is relatively high at 32/37, but it is not a rarity that a dozen or more 15 times or more are hit in a row. So there is no absolute certainty, and every time the 0 falls, the player would have done better to put on a simple chance. In addition, the necessary use is also disproportionately high. However, setting on several simple chances does not increase the probability of winning in the long term.

At first glance, this type of system seems convincing and full of chances, but after a loss, you have to expect at least the bet plus the loss as a new bet. Some systems even speak of doubling in order to produce more profits. However, this brings you back into the dangerous spiral, which is already known by other systems, and which quickly leads to the table limit or to the budget limit.

Wanting to make money with roulette is in something just as effective as getting its discount credit out to benefit from the interest from the daily money account: In the end, the bank wins.

Is it worth learning the Kesselgucken?

It would be unfair to deny the Kesselgucken any relevance. After all, success-accustomed players are always interested in gaining new perspectives. We cannot rule out the fact that the next strategy is based on a detail that has been found in the wheel-like detail. Definitely, however, we can claim that the wheel is no longer in time. Tactics, which turn out to be worthless on the Internet, have reached the end of their flagpole. Whether it's Kesselgucken or not: We recommend every player to grab the lucrative welcome pack and get to know online roulette at the expense of the providers. Bankroll is filled with money from the bank and playfully ensures that interested lucky knights receive a risk-free entry. The Kesselgucken will not help them. The tension is still omnipresent! The winnings will be paid in a safe and reputable online casino after two to five working days at the latest.

If you still want to try your luck with the wheel, you would like to have a clear head and a lot of endurance. Because in order to become as successful as the Sachse Christian Kaisan, you need exactly that.

The person who actually discovers a working system and publishes it is a considerable media interest. So as long as players have not read in daily newspapers that roulette has finally been unraveled, this is not happening either and the systems are thus worthless.