Would that not be a wonderful thing if it were possible to make a profit after the other with a learned strategy and a learned system at the roulette table? It would just be too beautiful. What millions of people dream of was true for one thing, however: the Saxle Christian Kaisan won several million euros in the casino with his method-the wheel-look. He was therefore locked in many casinos for a long time.

If you bring the necessary nerves as prerequisites and a certain level of talent and intuition, you will be able to learn the Kesselgucken with sufficient exercise and training and to refine it with a lot of time and commitment. But even the casinos are gearing up and make the wheel pedestal increase a dash through the bill.

If you lose again, double your bet once again, so set 40 €. The previous total bet is now 70 € (10 € + 20 € + 40 €). If you typed it correctly, you will now win 80 €. So your profit is 10 €.

Martingale-mathematically promising

With this system, you put a simple game bet on a simple chance-that is, for example, red or black. If you lose, just double your bet. If you win, take your profit and start again with the simple game bet. From a mathematical point of view, you should win over a long time. After all, your chance of winning is 48.6% in each round. This is due to the fact that in online roulette there is also the zero, which leads to a loss of the use. And by doubling your bet in case of loss, you will not lose your bet, as a win includes the previous operations.

The application will be made only when the ball is already in play. The employee throws the ball into the wheel and after about ten seconds he announces: "Nothing goes any more". The Kesselgucken makes his bet in exactly this time span.

You should always adjust the height of an operation to your overall budget. For example, set 10 € to a simple chance. If you are right, you will receive a payout of € 20. Now you will continue to slide on your number row, so in the next game you will bet 20 €, which is equivalent to your original bet and the profit from the previous game.

The struts in the tank between the diamonds must be uniformly high and must not be too high or too flat, so that the ball will behave as constant as possible after the first impact.

It should be noted that the speed of the wheel is determined by the weight. However, depending on the model, there are different weight classes. As a rule, the weight of a roulette gyro is 50 kilograms. However, the weight of the sphere also plays a role-namely, heavy balls are slower. In addition, there are also "soft factors" that influence the result: Each croupier naturally rotates with a different effort-it is also not said that the croupier always has to give the same impetus to the wheel like the ball.

Even though many players believe that it is enough to work with randomly selected permanencies, this does not seem to be the case. Grilleaus System is based on self-experienced seasonings and this fact could be the decisive difference. Since the least players like Grilleau should be lucky enough to be paid for their presence and analysis in a casino, a meaningful personal permanence is almost unattainable.

Other known roulette strategies

In addition to the Paroli system, there are other well-known roulette strategies. Take a look at our other articles on this topic as well. A progressive strategy, for example, is the Martingale system. Another is the D' Alembert-System. Just try the games yourself in one of our top-roulette casinos.

Not only do players take more risks, they can also deal with setbacks in a worse way. It is too tempting to see what they can do with the money they have played. This makes it even more difficult to return to the ground of the facts and to see if a strategy is failed.

Professionals in the Kesselgucken Anders behaves differently in the game Roulette, in which the pros are mainly men. Here, however, there is a manageable field of professional players, as the lucky factor is very high and a strategy is harder to implement. Nevertheless, the roulette is one of the oldest games in the world and the various roulette games have created a great variety. In addition to the European, American and French roulette, there are still several ways to make the wheel spin. An expert who understood particularly well how to do so was the US Christian Kaisan, who was later simply referred to as "the Saxle" or "Kesselgucken". Born in the GDR, he made a lot of money there in the gambling sector. However, as gambling was regulated by the state, he used his money to sit down in the West. He then traveled around the world to be able to live out his success in the various casinos, making considerable profits. After all, he was often banned from the house, because he was accused of fraud. In doing so, he simply understood how to extrapolate the trajectory of the sphere and pre-determine the area of the landing.

In the next round, you will be watching again where the ball and the lever meet. Assuming it is again the 2 o'clock diamond.

The law of small numbers (also: two-thirds law) is a special case of Poisson's distribution. Statistically speaking, one third of the numbers do not fall at all, another one, and another third on a number of occasions. This is why it is more promising to set the figures already in place. However, players should pay attention to the fact that these values can also deviate within individual rotations.

Casinos are known to pursue fraudsters with full hardship and bring them to justice. For example, they want to make an example for other potential missiles. Even the public prosecutor's office is in no way mildly opposed to fraud in gambling. So players should not go into conflict with the law for the prospect of a small gain in gambling.

9. Red System

The Red System offers a particularly interesting approach. Here you can bet on the third column and on the color black. Since the third column contains 8 red numbers and only 4 black numbers, you can cover 26 numbers per round and thus lose only in about 1 out of 4 games.

Whether you place a certain time on the same columns, or after each gain the columns change, the coincidence often does not play with and it has already been studies given the 30 or more loss rounds have noted.

However, many strategies are based on this false assumption. Also, a doubling strategy is part of most systems. Although these are still the most promising in theory, in practice they encounter two limits: the limited credit of the player and the table limit of the casinos. As a result, such systems are significantly more likely to result in total losses than could be guaranteed in the long term in the case of roulette.

Nowadays you have to find a very good casino with very lax rules so that the wheel can still be profitable. But if you have found such a casino, you can still get a little long-term profit with the wheel.

This is particularly critical because, as a result, "fast profits" also lead to the player feeling rewarded. At this point, roulette systems become particularly dangerous because they suggest to the player that he has to follow only one particular strategy. Each loss is thus a fast-win and rewards the player with a dopamine payout, which is just as high as with a real gain. This also increases the urge to continue to play, because sooner or later the right field has to come.

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