At Casino games, there is a variety of math-based systems that are touted as todsafe methods to the casinos ' beating.

As a rule, we recommend French roulette, but also European roulette is a good variant. Here, the winning rate for the players is higher than that of American roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in every online casino. It's a classic table game from the casino. In roulette, high profits are possible, especially for the players who set on a single number or color.

No matter whether it is online roulette or playing in land-based game banks, minimum and maximum table limits are always specified. Your gambling budget probably will probably not be infinitely large. If you have a negative series and lose a lot of laps one after the other, you can quickly reach the table or budget limit.

With tips, he's not petty. For its black Daimler, a parking lot is reserved in front of the entrance. The players in charge of the casino know what they have in the generous professional player, roll out the red carpet for him. "Doc" brings sales and reportedly also revenue. He rarely comes alone, ladies in his escort, who also spend money-probably his money. Even the driver gamers, the time is driven by the automaton. When "Doc" sets, it also draws other observers and players to the table. Some play the same numbers as him. However, as a rule, with significantly lower amounts.

However, this strategy has already used 635 € (5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160 + 320). All in all, with such a high bet, you only win 5 €. In addition, of course, the question of how much fun you can have with the Martingale system is, after all, the complete challenge lies in doubling the effort in case of loss.

Challenges for the tank top roulette

In recent years, new challenges have also been met by the Kesselgucken-municipality, which comprises only 40-50 players worldwide. The speed of the cylinders has increased overall and the classic balls have also been replaced by lighter-and thus faster-Teflon balls, which again complicate the roulette wheels. In addition, almost all roulette chairs are permanently adjusted by computers in order to immediately correct any irregularities in the envelope or a skewling of the wheel.

So the player puts on a total of 5 Pleins, namely the 7, 28, 12, the 35, and the 3. In this way, the individual hit probability is significantly increased.

By means of an announcement, you can tell the croupier what you want to bet on: that can either be pre-defined combinations of wheel games (large series, small series or orphelins) or a single number and a certain number of their neighbors, who are in the wheel right and left next to it.

Kessel Error and Favorite Search

No real roulette wheel has a perfect shape. Due to small imperfections in the manufacturing process and abusing irregularities, the 37 numbers are not exactly the same-some numbers are more likely to be hit than others. It is now true to recognize these favorites and then to put them on them. However, the purely random deviations, which would also occur during play with an ideal wheel, surpass the possible technical deviations in the case of a switch, so that the numbers with higher technical probability also in the longer term in no way need to be met more frequently. Many casinos also exchange the roulette cylinders between the tables every day in order to make the search for wheels more difficult.

Gambling addiction is perceived by most sufferers at a relatively early age, but is usually displaced. In doing so, a gambling addiction is all the easier to defeat, the earlier the problem is detected. If you notice the following signs, you should take a break or even stay away permanently from the game tables:

In the reverse version, you will have to win 2 thirds of your bets, but you will expect a higher gain if you make it to the end of the number row. For each game run, you risk just one simple one.

However, it is one of the most popular beginner mistakes to assume that the numbers drawn have to be equated sooner or later. On an evening, however, this will never happen with almost complete security. Therefore, bets should never be increased, because a number has not yet fallen and therefore could be hit "soon". Roulette has no memory, realizes the numbers that have fallen, so not. The same is true of the simple opportunities. Even with them, it is equally likely every time they fall.

Does it work in online casinos?

The roulette tank look is based on the laws of physics. However, the same applies to the table games in the renowned online casinos, but it is hopeless.

This way, you get 492 units back on average from your 500 units. If you calculate the rounding of the results, you will get roughly the house advantage of European Roulette and an average loss of 2.7%.

16 numbers fulfill one of the conditions, the player would only get his bet back.

Even if the licensed casinos are working with regulated and controlled random generators, the use of the Kesselgucken strategy is not possible. The random generators used, so-called RNG (Random Number Generators), operate independently of physical laws which could be taken from the graphic representation of the visualized, imaginary wheel.

This method can be optimized by technical assistance. However, such funds are not permitted and lead to a house ban. Advertisements for fraud can also have consequences.

You've lost, unfortunately!

Unfortunately, you did not succeed with this strategy. All in all, you have lost € 4 in this round.

The croupier makes the cancellation very early, immediately after throwing the ball, which makes the calculation of the ball case as good as impossible.

The placement of the bet is usually done as late as possible, shortly before the croupier "Rien ne va plus" (nothing goes more) " is known. The later the bet is placed by the player, the greater is the chance to make a proper estimate of the number or sector where the ball will land.

2nd round

This Labouchere strategy is based on the number sequence 1-2-3-4-5. We start with the sum of the first and last number of the episode as the first bet. Set false € to red, black, unjust, straight, 1-18 or 10-36.

That means that Kesselgucken works only in live casinos and also there only in very few.

Non-functioning systems recognize interested parties in particular from the fact that they build on the fact that a certain number has fallen several times without interruption. Such systems cannot be reliable. The sharing of the bet on different fields cannot increase the chances of winning.