When Bitcoin was introduced for the first time in 2008, it took few people seriously as a digital payment system. But within a few years the cryptocurrency has become an important way for users to make purchases and to transfer money online. Through the decentralised management of the money, transactions can be made anonymously, which makes this payment method very attractive for users worldwide.

These are my points of comparison in order to make the best online casinos for US players. So I can be sure that I have thoroughly tested all Bitcoin casino operators for you. Only if these test points are fulfilled, I will recommend you to one of the providers.

So far, the very big names of the gambling industry on the Internet have not been able to use bitcoins as a means of payment in the cash register area. At the same time, there are more and more providers: numerous new websites are emerging as a casino with Bitcoin, also called BTC Casino.

Think of generous welcome bonuses, progressive jackpots, a generous selection of casino games, and, of course, the best possible gaming experience. This casino will keep players safe on the trab! For those who also like the interactive side of the game, PlayAmo also offers live casino games where players can choose from a variety of professional vendors.

Buy Bitcoins In order to use Bitcoin as a means of payment in the Online Casino, this cryptocurrency must first be purchased. There are many secure and reputable platforms that offer Bitcoin for sale. The Bitcoin would like to buy, for example, can pay by credit card. It is also important to first open a Wallet, in which the acquired bitcoins can be stored.

As the acceptance of Bitcoin is always better, the number of Bitcoin casinos continues to increase. There are even some online casinos that advertise specifically that they accept Bitcoins as a means of payment. By the way, some providers also offer only cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Other online casinos, on the other hand, rely on a mixture of cryptocurrencies and traditional payment options.

Play securely in Bitcoin Casino

Every casino player pays great attention to the questions of security, and that is not to be unfairly. The nature of the virtual currency in Bitcoin casinos requires that you need to act in a particularly rational and meaningful way and only gamble in the reviewed game houses. For this purpose, the wide Bitcoin casino clientele is provided by the competent Guides and experts comprehensive Bitcoin Casino List. In this overview, the evaluation of the playhouses is made public with the aim of assuring the visitors against fraud. The list of Bitcoin Casino English contains several safe fair game houses, where you can play completely reliably.

All you have to do in order to access these games is to visit the website on your mobile device and play directly through the web browser without having to download any software (at least in most cases). It is worth mentioning that in a good Bitcoin casino you can get a big and extensive casino bonus, even if you don't have a progressive jackpot in many of them. Most of the time it is a welcome bonus. You will receive an exclusive bonus for your first deposit, which is 100%-200%. Some Bitcoin casinos offer you additional free spins to do so (often less good) don't give you free spins. And even if some providers of Bitcoin Casinos do not have a bonus without deposit on offer, so a 200% bonus is already above the average bonus amount. That and nothing else we expect from the top Bitcoin casinos.

This procedure is particularly relevant to Bitcoin casinos, because some of these playhouses do not have a license. This is related to the fact that Bitcoin is a crypto-currency or virtual electron currency, which does not have any regulation by central bank or government, and operates on the principle of peer-to-peer payment systems. So, use all the advantages of this system in online casinos with Bitcoin. When you play in an unlicensed game house, it is very difficult to determine how trustworthy and fair this is. Therefore, it would make sense to claim the bonus without deposit.

Step 5: How good is customer service in a Bitcoin casino?

The players are constantly encountering numerous and diverse problems, so they need help.

However, the actions vary from Bitcoin Casino to Bitcoin Casino, as each provider has its own program in the Petto. In some Bitcoin casinos there may also be a bonus without deposit. However, this is very much a deposit bonus. Note, however, the bonus conditions. Some actions are well designed. Other actions are less fair. The sales request should not be too high. The time period for playing through should be in the good range of at least 14 days. That's why you should always take a closer look at the bonus conditions before staring through the online casino.

In addition, how does the casino present themselves? Is it open with cryptocurrencies, does it also offer VISA and MasterCard, or maybe PayPal? The more partnerships that are available from world-renowned companies, the more likely you can trust this Bitcoin Online Casino.

Even pages that are completely aligned with cryptocurrencies do not accept Bitcoin exclusively. Some pages offer a large number of different digital payment systems and allow transactions between the different currencies. While other digital currencies are not as popular as Bitcoin, they allow games to be played with Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.

The Digital Krypto Currency Bitcoin is a young payment method. Desahlb always get to ask me questions, around Bitcoin casinos.

Investor Steve Lambourne has been trading bitcoin since the beginnings of cryptocurrencies, believing that the value could actually rise even further, as Bitcoin has proven itself as a functional alternative to established currencies.

Customer Support

Also an important aspect. Only with sufficient customer support is a relationship of trust created. Please keep in mind that the casino is also available in the language you require. In addition, customer support must also be able to respond to questions and problems in the same language. In the best case, the customer service has a live chat, contact via email and a telephone number, which can be chosen free of charge.

✓ large game selection ✓ free entry and payouts ✓ bonus money and free games possible

Deposits over cryptic currencies are also considered to be extremely secure, and they are carried out within seconds. In the case of common payment methods, you have to wait a few days for the next time.

✓ Merkur slots on offer ✓ simple and secure deposit ✓ monthly actions

For those who prefer to use prepaid credit, Paysafecard is an effective alternative. Until recently, PayPal was also a popular alternative to Bitcoin. However, the payment method from the casino area has currently withdrawn.

Simple: In a Bitcoin Online Casino, you play for real money-just as you do in other casinos. However, you use cryptocurrencies to transfer money and, depending on the casino, you will also play directly with Bitcoin (BTC) and not Euro or US dollars. Externally, Bitcoin casinos do not differ from all other, normal casinos. So you can find there the same games and also the operation is identical. What distinguishes itself is the currency used and the account management. Contrary to its name, it may well be that you can play online casino with other, serious cryptocurrencies in a modern Bitcoin Online Casino. Never invest money in a cryptocurrency that you don't know and you can't trust!